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Living a very individual balanced life of health and beauty is our credo. This is not only being applied to our personal life we take it even more as our philosophy into our business. We advise our patients holistically on different levels. We always try to cut the edge and  meet your needs without losing sight of what is possible. Our own aging process enables us to see the nesscecity for being pioneers in biohacking and  select tested and approved devices to bring them into your life.

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Therasage Infrared Sauna
Supercharge yourself.

Featuring TheraFusionTM InfraRed Technology has completely revolutionized personal health products with its patented Infrared Personal Portable Sauna.

Why Therasage?

modern biohacking devices - pioneers of epigenetic technology - improving physical and mental wellbeing - at home rejuvenatig devices - pioneers of biohacking

Thera360 Full Spectrum Sauna is the only portable sauna that offers full-spectrum infrared, negative ions, earthing, and no EMF's

Enhanced Mental Health

Increases Weight Loss

Promotes Heart Health

Improves Sleep

Supports Pain Relief

What our Clients Say

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"I use the Therasage as a therapeutic device in my clinic in Zürich. It activates different regeneration pathways therefore it can be applied to a variety of health issues."

Dr. Med. Krisztina Barath

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"Not only is it incredibly convenient to have a personal oasis of relaxation right in my own home, but the therapeutic benefits are truly impressive. My sleep has improved tremendously. I love it!"

Claudia R.

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"The Therasage has been instrumental in my weight loss journey, making it enjoyable and effective. The convenience and comfort of the sauna have not only helped me shed pounds but also provided a relaxing space for me to unwind and focus on my well-being."

Marian R.

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"My Therasage Sauna has been a true stress-reliever. The calming heat and serene atmosphere have allowed me to escape the daily grind, providing me with a much-needed sanctuary to recharge both mentally and physically."

Michael W.

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"The infrared sauna has been an invigorating addition to my wellness routine, improving my health through enhanced detoxification and blood circulation. Its soothing warmth not only revitalizes the body but also promotes mental well-being, truly epitomizing the intersection of relaxation and health."

Jasmin S.

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"Since introducing the infrared sauna into my daily regimen, it has become an invaluable tool in managing and relieving my chronic pain in my hands. The penetrating heat soothes my aches, offering both immediate relief and long-term benefits, a truly life-changing experience."

Toni S.

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